Culture and reading furniture in public space

By designing furniture for public spaces, places are created where culture and reading are combined and residents and visitors are encouraged to linger – a place of encounter, but also of retreat.

With the modular system consisting of PRITSCHE, LEHNE and BÜCHERBOX the most different places are created from the always same elements. Long benches, islands, niches…

The book box is a weatherproof display case with a removal door. In it, the local libraries provide current Salzkammergut literature and invite people to read on site.
The libraries invite to readings and literature picnics at the reading benches during the Capital of Culture year.

Planned locations range from town and market squares to country lanes, riverbanks and soccer fields. The reading benches are modular, so they can be adapted to different locations and used as event venues at the same time. They appear as a medium of the Capital of Culture and become a symbol for the region.

A QR code on each bench refers to the program of the Capital of Culture 2024 and information is provided and shared via social media.

After the end of the Capital of Culture year, the LESEBÄNKE will be left in the region and leave a lasting mark on places.



dottings Industrial Design, based in Vienna and Gmunden
Büchereien Salzkammergut, as supplier and operator of the book box with current literature about and from the Salzkammergut region

Trewit – series production of solid wood furniture based in Scharnsteinm, https://www.trewit.at/
SFK – Kirchham is our competent partner for the production of the book box, https://www.sfk.at/
Autengruber metal design, Pinsdorf – manufactures the metal elements, https://www.autengruber-metall.at/

Project management Salzkammergut 2024: Petra Zechmeister